The world’s first sex toy made with ocean-bound plastic

We have taken a tiny yet important step in a better direction – a direction towards a way of working where we can begin to close the circle of plastic production. That’s why we’re so immensely proud to introduce you to…

ohhcean by Sinfulohhcean is the world’s first sex toy with recycled ocean-bound plastic. It has been on the drawing board for what feels like forever for Mathilde Mackowski, the mastermind behind the ohhcean brand.

Woman seated and holding sex toys

Standing on a beach front with wind in her face and cheeks warm and blushed, is where she first felt that urge to do something about the waste that caught her eye bobbing up and down, breaching the surface of the water in a bright, green colour.

That was the moment the seed of the idea of the world’s first sex toy made from recycled ocean-bound plastic was planted in Mathilde’s mind.

She has always been driven by a curiosity and a drive for making things better. Optimisation. Improvement. Change. Words that constantly headline the banners in her mind.

Woman seated and looking at sex toys

Now, what is ohhcean, you might wonder?

ohhcean is a new beginning. A tiny step in the right direction. A drop in the ocean. Small but significant enough to make rings in the water that can reach new shores.

And to be a bit more specific, it is a collection of blue-shaded sex toys made with recycled ocean-bound plastic and covered in a thin layer of silky smooth silicone. The range consists of three products, so far. Classics that we all know and love. We’ve got the magic wand, the G-spot vibrator, and a body vibrator.

We will get into the products very soon, but first let’s dive into the adventure of how ohhcean came to be. It has been a wavy ride with ups and downs. Starting out on a journey always entails a lot of learning as you go, and so did it for the development of ohhcean.

Sex toys from ohhcean

It was so incredibly important that we knew exactly where the plastic came from, who collected it, where it was processed, and, of course, how it was processed.

We wanted to be sure that the entire process incorporated the vision of minimal environmental impact, from collecting the plastic in and around the ocean, to making sure the working environment was up to the standards we had set for the venture. In order for this project to be a success, everyone involved needed to receive the same care and consideration as the actual products. After a long and tedious search, we finally found #tide.

As one of the world’s leading players within the industry of upcycling and recycling of ocean-bound plastic, #tide has done the hard work of making sure all of the conditions above were adhered to. It starts with training the fishermen and paying them to gather and sort plastic waste. The collecting of plastic from in and around the island waters is a practice organised, paid and overseen in compliance with high ethical standards, which is of great importance to both us and #tide.

Lids, granulated plastic and sex toys

The plastic is collected in and around the waters in Southeast Asia in collaboration with social enterprises. Thanks to #tide’s Swiss precision, the material is not only made of 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic, the process is also powered by renewable energy.

Collaborating with #tide has put us in an exciting club of game changers with members that include some of the world’s leading brands. We’re immensely proud to collaborate with such a strong, credible label for social and environmental sustainability that #tide has managed to build.

Woman holding three sex toys

The products

The collection consists of three products as a start. We hope to expand and include all sorts of toys to induce people’s sexlife with fun and intimacy, but for now, we’ve chosen the classics that we all know and enjoy. Let us introduce you!

ohhcean OBP-01 Magic Wand

This magic wand is the wonder that magically gives plastic new life. The wand is covered from head to toe in velvety silicone for an ultra soft touch that will feel even more luxurious with a dash of water-based lube added for the ride. Show love to your body with 7 vibration patterns and let the sensations wash over you with an extra side of feel-good thanks to the core of recycled plastic.

ohhcean OBP-01 Magic Wand

ohhcean OBP-02 G-spot Vibrator

The G-spot vibrator is the tool for your divine treasure hunt when it’s time to (re)discover the G-spot. Not only does it offer a tilted head for targeted stimulation, it also feels like silk in your hand thanks to the ultra smooth silicone cover. With a range of 7 vibration patterns, you can go from a soft rumble to a potent buzz that can take you all the way to ocean-deep G-spot orgasms.

ohhcean OBP-02 G-spot Vibrator

ohhcean OBP-03 Body Vibrator

The body vibrator, also known as a bullet vibrator, is the small yet powerful tool everyone should carry in their bag at all times. You never know when you’re going to need (or want) a sprinkle of moan-inducing tingle offered by this silky smooth silicone covered vibrator. It is humble in size but powerful enough to rock your boat with the 7 vibration patterns that take you from a soft mumble to a potent thrilling bumble. With a perfect fit for the palm of your hand, it is a joyful addition to both your solo time and partnered adventures.

ohhcean OBP-03 Body Vibrator


The process of making plastic reusable has been incredibly hard and we couldn’t be more excited that the products are finally here.

It’s a tiny step in a right direction but hopefully this is just the beginning of much more sex toys being made with ocean-bound plastic.

See the collection here: ohhcean by Sinful