Pocket Pussies – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to products intended for self-satisfaction, there’s really a lot of focus on women. So much so, it is easy to believe that men could easily be content with the manual method.

We know this is nonsense, and there are stacks of wonderful products for men. Pocket pussy is one of the most popular choices precisely because it looks and feels like a realistic vagina.

As part of this Ultimate Guide to Pocket Pussies, we get into how to use them, what types are available, and of course, how it really feels to penetrate them. The cherry on top of this guide can be found at the bottom of the post, where we guide you through the best of the best pocket pussies.

Let’s start with a simple but extremely important question.

What is a Pocket Pussy?

A pocket pussy is an imitation of a woman’s vagina. It is also designed so it is easy to carry. Yes, you can just about have it in your pocket. Hence the name pocket pussy.

In addition to the female vagina, there are pocket pussies that are shaped like an anal opening and some where the mouth is the recipient.

They are usually made of realistic material such as TPR or TPE, so it feels just as soft and luscious as it does in reality.

The design itself is often very lifelike, so it actually looks like a vagina with labia, clitoris and teeny tiny folds. There is a focus on the colours, and the detailed work around the opening resembles the real thing.

When you penetrate your selected pocket pussy, you feel an inner, tantalising structure. You have the option of a loose grip, or you can tighten it a little, depending on how firm you like it.

The next step is, of course….

Lubricant and sex toys for men

How to Use a Pocket Pussy?

Using a pocket pussy seems very straightforward: penetrate it before moving it back and forth x number of times until you come, clean it, done, voila.

The reality is a bit different, because there are actually a few super useful tricks that can make the experience go from being a game for seniors to the Major League. We have made it easy for you and made a list.

1. Lubrication

This is the absolute key to having a mind blowing masturbation experience. Apply a good amount of water-based lube on the upper half of the penis, as well as around the opening on your pocket pussy and the first couple of inches inside.

2. Penetrate

Start by gently coaxing the penis head in so that you get a sense of the product’s elasticity.

3. Warm up

You can either move back and forth yourself while your pocket pussy takes over, or you can lie down comfortably and caress your penis with regular movements.

4. Get started

Once the lubricant has been distributed internally, you can begin to set the pace of your movements.

5. Finishing

Once you have seen the light and calmed down again, it is a good idea to squeeze around the opening after you have pulled yourself out so you avoid spilling.

6. Cleaning

Take good care of your new favourite gadget so it lasts a long time. This means cleaning, maintenance and storage, which we will elaborate on at the very end of the guide.

If you haven’t yet had the benefit of being seduced by one of the petite masturbation experts, you would definitely like to know….

What Does It Feel Like to Use a Pocket Pussy?

Using a pocket pussy feels realistic. There are different patterns and an interior structure that mimic the design of the opening.

If the opening is a mouth, it feels like you are penetrating past the palate and down into the throat. The only thing that is not part of the design is the hardness of teeth, and there are probably not many men who will miss that part.

With a vaginal opening, the internal structure is an upgrade of how it feels in reality, so it becomes even more distinct and stimulating to feel her.

The best pro tip we can give you to make the experience as close to reality as possible is to place your selected pocket pussy in 37-39°C warm water for a few minutes before using it. Avoid getting it wet by putting it in a plastic bag and squeezing the air out so that it closes tightly. Immerse it in the warm water and start looking forward to some pleasure.

In addition to pocket pussies, there are several different types of realistic masturbation experiences, and of course you also need to know about them too.

What Types of Realistic Vagina Are There?

There are four primary groups of realistic vaginas: Masturbators, Fleshlight, TENGA and then there are the vibrating ones.

We can start by revealing that they can all make you feel the same dopamine-induced enthusiasm as when you win the jackpot. From here, it’s a matter of taste about how you best like to be caressed.


The concept itself spans really widely, but when it comes to realistic vaginas, this is where you will find the pocket pussy and all other lifelike masturbation products that are designed as a mouth, anus or vagina. Those are the ones we’ve already told you about.

This is also where you can find sex dolls shaped like selected sections of the body, so you don’t need to get a cardboard box the size of a Fiat 500 through your door.

For example, if you are a big fan of butts, you can easily find one similar to the one you just deleted from your browser history.

If you have difficulty choosing between the vagina and the anus, most sex dolls have two openings so you can enjoy it all no matter what you fall for.

Two black masturbators for men

Fleshlight (Girls)

You have definitely heard of Fleshlight and there is a reason for that because their products always deliver. 

Their series of Fleshlight Girls is created and moulded according to selected, popular porn stars. So you can have your favourite star brought to the door and admire her opening with your own fingers and whatever else you happen to have at hand.

Tip! Some of the Fleshlights, pocket pussies and similar masturbators that come in a hard plastic case allow you to adjust the internal vacuum. This means that you can make it as tight as necessary so that you come as hard as you can.

Two Fleshlight Girls


Another brand that you should get acquainted with, if it is not already on your list, is TENGA. They make stylish and tantalising masturbation products that are extremely popular.

Although it is not a pocket pussy in that sense, we have chosen to focus on one of their most well-known products, which is designed like a regular egg – but the effect is a little more festive than a good shot of protein.

Simply crack the shell, take out the sleeve and apply the supplied lube, and then it’s ready to use.

You penetrate the soft and elastic sleeve with the stimulating structure and move it up and down over the penis, so you get a realistic and intense experience.

They are designed for single use, but you can still be environmentally-conscious and reach a climax that’s as high as Mount Everest. As long as you clean it thoroughly and avoid overstretching it, you can reuse it if you like.

Six TENGA eggs


Another addition to the realistic masturbation experiences are the vibrating models. There are those that have visually realistic details, and then there are those that do not immediately look like something recognisable, but the feeling is unmistakably familiar.

The inner structure is still made so that the vibrating masturbators feel lifelike, but with a twist, so that your inner sex scene not only gets good, but mindblowingly great.

As the name suggests, this type of product adds an extra dimension to your ‘bow chica wow wow’ session, and the vibrations can help send you to a galaxy far, far away.

Now begins the most difficult task for you. You are going to have to pick which of these memorable masturbation wonders you want to start with. First of all, we have made a checklist that you can start by ticking off so you know which pocket pussy to choose.

Glass dildo inside a black sex toy

Which Pocket Pussy Should I Buy?

To find the pocket pussy that suits you best, there are various things that you need to consider before you start waving around your credit card.

The feeling of being enveloped

It should feel good and comfortable when you use a masturbation product. Therefore, it is important what material the product is made of. The vast majority of realistic vaginas, mouths and anal openings are, as we mentioned earlier, made of TPE or TPR, which feels both soft and smooth in the same way as the real thing.

Some manufacturers have their own name for the lifelike material, so a good compass in this context is to go for everything that is called something in the direction of real, realistic, flesh and skin, then you will probably find what you’re looking for.

The visual look

If you get turned on by what you see, you should definitely choose one of the pocket pussy’s where the actual opening is decorated with detailed labia and clitoris. While it does not do anything for the feeling itself, it undoubtedly completes the experience.

The right size

Pocket pussies are designed according to the average penis size, but since they are made of a soft material, they are also very stretchy. Therefore, the opening itself may look very narrow, but it is of course to your benefit – as in the sense that it feels tight when you penetrate without being uncomfortable.

Always check the dimensions of the product so that you find one that suits you just as much as a good beer suits a football match.

The durability of the product

There are two things to consider here:

Have you tried a realistic vagina before? How turned on are you by the idea of it?

If you sadly sigh with a “No” to question 1, you can start with one of the models at the low end of the price scale, to see if it’s something you might enjoy. Here, durability is often designed for those of us that are curious.

If, on the other hand, you nod eagerly with a “YES!”, then you have already answered question 2, and therefore we can certainly agree that it is worth putting a little more money on the table in return for the most realistic experience and best durability.

Quality costs

Of course you know that, but you won’t need to take out an extra student loan here. We have already mentioned it: it’s better to pay a little extra for a product that really turns you on, instead of buying one where your reaction is “meh”.

Now you know what’s worth knowing about pocket pussies, and now it’s really just about which one to choose. If anyone knows how difficult it is to limit yourself when you get enthusiastic, it’s us! So we have made an overview of the best of its kind.

Lubricant and sex toys for men

Which Pocket Pussy is the Best?

Different men have different needs and we will no doubt have yours covered.

Best of the cheapest

Are you a beginner and want to try a really good product for the price, then you should say hello to Cassandra from Mr. Membr.

Her vagina is soft and has a lifelike colour and a pair of arousing labia ready to welcome you. With an interior, ultra stimulating pattern, you get the feeling of being with a real woman.

Realistic pocket pussy

Niels K.  

When you are ready for an upgrade

Once you have already found that a life without a pocket pussy is boring, then you are ready to double-up on pleasure. With PDX Plus – Pick Your Pleasure Stroker you get both a vaginal and an anal opening to throw yourself into.

Realistic pocket pussy with vaginal and anal openings

Best sensation

Do you want a product that is good quality, has the right look and feels seriously realistic when you penetrate, then it is Utensil Race – Ozawa Maria that will be the one to purchase this year. Here you get a true copy of the Japanese porn star, Ozawa Maria.

Realistic masturbator

When you want a clear view

If you aren’t too concerned about the exterior, realistic details, but would much rather see yourself in action, then you should choose Edge Clear Masturbator from Mr. Membr. Here you still get the realistic, inner structure, while you can see yourself pulsating in and out.

Transparent masturbator

How to Get the Best Experience with Your Pocket Pussy

Now you have all the right cards in hand and the only thing you are missing is the joker, which will make the whole play time go your way. Of course, we’re referring to one of the things we began with: the treatment of your product.


Always use a good, water-based lube along with the product. The feeling becomes more lifelike and you take better care of the material.


Your pocket pussy needs to be cleaned every time you have used it. Rinse it with warm water and mild soap or use a sex toy cleaner if you want to take extra good care of it. Let it air dry and make sure it is standing so that the water can run out of it.


When completely dry, add a nourishing powder. It makes sure that the material of your pocket pussy stays soft and supple and avoids it becoming sticky.


Your pocket pussy should have a long life and the best thing you can do is store it properly. The most important thing is that it either lies in its original packaging or in a satin bag so that the material avoids contact with other materials and remains intact.

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At the Top of the Podium

The small, handy seducer will make sure your masturbation experience is something like a Lance-Armstrong-at-the-top-of-his-career experience – better than the traditional handjob you already know. Of course, as with all other equipment, the result depends on how you use it and how you treat it.

With this ultimate guide, you can always step up to the podium and emit roars of joy with your pocket pussy raised high above your head in pure euphoric victory.