Butt Plug & Anal Plug – The Ultimate Guide

Whether this is your first curious step into the marvellous world of butt plugs, also called anal plugs, or whether you’re already a frequent traveler to that destination, we have a guide ready for you.

Are butt plugs and anal plugs the same thing?

Yes – whether you call it butt plugs, anal plugs or something completely different, it is the same product. In this guide, we’ll use the term butt plugs.

Butt plugs come in a wide range of different designs, materials and colours, which naturally means there will be one out there which is just right for you. In this article, we will go through the various types and highlight our favourites to help you get a quick overview and to quench your fledging curiosity.

Purple bag with butt plugs

But first, let’s start by looking at what exactly a butt plug is. We will answer a few common questions in our FAQ, talk about the benefits of using a butt plug, and provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to taking the plunge.

That way, your anal experience gets the opportunity to reach new heights, and you get to rise to expert level.

Let us start at the beginning.

What is a butt plug?

Butt plugs are sex toys used to stimulate the anus.

The anus is very sensitive due to its many nerve endings which means stimulation in that area can feel incredibly pleasurable when done correctly. But how exactly do we make that happen?

Well, there are several different ways to make your insides burst out of sheer pleasure, but a butt plug is a great choice as it’s made for exactly this purpose.

Butt plugs are easy to use, either on your own or together with a partner. What it all comes down to is discovering precisely which one does it for you, and how you like things best.

Discovering your preferences is what this article is all about.

But before we get carried away, we need to cover the basics. Which is why we’ve put together a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

FAQ – Worth Knowing About Butt Plugs

  • Is lube important?
    Yes, lube is super important when it comes to anal penetration, no matter if you’re doing it with your partner or with a sex toy.
  • Are they targeted at a specific gender?
    Butt plugs love everyone. They do not distinguish between gender, age, political stance or whether you add pineapple to your pizza.
  • Does it hurt to use an anal plug?
    It only hurts to use one if it is done incorrectly. Next section will cover how to do it correctly.
  • Can it disappear into the anus?
    No, a butt plug does not disappear into your anus.
    Yes, we have all heard the horror stories about some poor soul who was marched into A&E with a sheet over his head and a pillar candle up his rectum. But the reason this happened was because the person in question had gotten crafty and used an improvised instrument that was never intended for anal sex. All butt plugs, prostate massagers and indeed all other anal sex toys have a so-called stopper, which ensures that it remains in place and simply cannot be swallowed up into the darkness. A stopper looks like a suction cup or a broad base at the bottom of the product.
    The obvious rule of thumb should therefore be: leave your remote alone and invest in a sex toy designed for the purpose.
  • How long can I use it?
    You can use it as long as it feels comfortable. Once it starts to feel heavy, irritating or uncomfortable in any other way, then the time has come to take it out. You can do this by grasping the bottom, relaxing your sphincter and slowly pulling it outwards.

Now that we’ve covered some of the most pressing questions, let’s dive in a little deeper, shall we?

How to Use Them

To bolster your chances of a well-rounded anal experience, we have put together a handy step-by-step guide for you to use.

Once you have found the right model for you (more on that later in the article), then you are ready to learn the technique (which is what this guide is all about) and can begin experimenting and gaining experience.

Glass butt plugs in candlesticks1. Desire is key:

If you have the desire to use a butt plug, then you are sure to have a wonderful experience, just so long as you do not rush things. The rest comes down to knowledge, technique and experience.

2. It takes time to have a good time

Whether you’re about to try your hand at anal gymnastics for the first time, or you are ready for the world championships, there are very few who can start anal play without preparation – time and patience are your most important teammates.

Caress the anus and the area surrounding it – it could be with a finger to start with, for example. When the desire for more takes over, you can slowly and calmly move on to the next ‘exercise’.

How long each exercise takes is close to impossible to answer, as for some it takes a very long time and for others a short time. The most important thing is that it feels right—and when it does, you are ready to move on. We promise, it’s worth the practice.

3. Cleaning before play time

One of the things that most people worry about when it comes to anal sex is whether or not things might get a little messy.

We are not going to lie: it may well happen. But if you are curious about the delights that await you hidden behind door number two, then it comes with the territory.

However, you can still take some precautions. If you go to the toilet a few hours before, or if you have regular bowel movements, then no unexpected events should occur.

If you still want to be on the completely safe side, you can use an anal douche to rinse, so you know for sure that the hallway is clean. You can see our products for anal cleaning right here.

4. Lube is your best friend.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, you can never have too much lube when it comes to anal penetration.

Three different butt plugs with yellow background

The best approach is to use an anal lube, as the consistency is thicker. This makes it easier to apply on and around the anus and on your butt plug, and it also means that it will stay in place without running, so you can concentrate on just one thing at a time.

5. Insertion

When the time has come to insert it, the key is to do so slowly.

Just before the tip is in, you may experience a feeling of tightness, as if there is no space for it to go. Take your time as you push slowly, and gently rock the plug until your anus is ready. Once the tip is inside, you will notice how quickly the rest of the plug can be comfortably inserted.

The position is entirely up to you and what you prefer, but as a beginner you may want to try lying on your side with your legs slightly bent. That way you can relax more easily while still maintaining full control.

6. The butt plug during use

Once your new toy is in place, your hands will be free to act out the rest of the experience. For example, you can involve your partner, use your favourite sex toy or simply caress your own body while the butt plug does its thing.

7. Removal

Once you have experienced all the joys your butt plug has to offer and the time has come to take it out, you should take care to go as slowly as you did when inserting it.

Grasp the stopper and gently pull while using your sphincter muscle to push it out. Once the broadest part of the butt plug is out, the rest will follow without any problems.

8. Cleaning after

Last but not least, before you flop back to enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling, it is important to give your butt plug a proper clean.

For top-notch hygiene, you can use a special purpose sex toy cleaner. Alternatively, you can simply rinse the butt plug in warm water and clean with a mild soap.

You now know all you need to know to enjoy the best experience—as a little extra, we have found:

3 Benefits of Using an Anal Plug

You may already have noticed our sheer enthusiasm for this little wonder of a sex toy, but if you still need convincing, then here are 3 really great reasons to add a butt plug or two to your sex toy collection:

  • Achieve anal orgasm
    The anus and rectum contain a large group of sensitive nerves that are just waiting to be stimulated, so they can spoil you with new levels of pleasure. If done at the same time as stimulating the genitals, it will likely end in an anal orgasm that you won’t soon forget.
  • Extra stimulation
    Using a butt plug allows you to stimulate certain highly sensitive erogenous zones and to make your sexual experiences even more intense than they otherwise would be.
  • Preparation for anal sex
    If you want to try anal penetration with a partner, but find the prospect overwhelming, then butt plugs can be a great way to prepare – either on your own or together.

What Different Types Are There?

There are many different types. To help you find the one that will make you gasp all the way from your diaphragm and send you to orgasm heaven, we have put together a short introduction to the different categories.

Colourful butt plugs on a purple background

Silicone Butt Plug

The most common and well-known type are butt plugs made of silicone, which is a firm yet flexible material. The surface is soft and smooth to the touch, while the actual consistency is solid, making silicone butt plugs a great choice for beginners.

Recommendation: Amaysin Triple Butt Plug Set

Bunny Tail—Those with a Tail

The name reveals it – there is extra embellishment on this type of plug: it has a tail. The tail can be anything from a small rabbit tail to a long fox tail, so you can bring out the animal in yourself that you identify the most with.

Recommendation: Happy Rabbit Small Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Jewel Butt Plug

If you want to make a dazzling impression with your derrière, there are butt plugs available with glittering gemstones on the stoppers. These jewel butt plugs come in different shapes and colours to match your personality and mood. Great for adding a touch of luxury to the experience and giving your partner a truly beautiful sight to behold.

Recommendation: Diogol Anni

Metal Butt Plug

If you want a plug that is both solid and stimulating, there are metal butt plugs available which might tick all the right boxes for you. Some are made of a lightweight material, while others are designed to add some weight. They come in different shapes and sizes, so the exact sensation of each one will vary. What’s more, the temperature of the material is easy to regulate, so you can enjoy your plug either cold, warm or at body temperature.

Recommendation: Master Series Dark Stopper Metal Butt Plug

Glass Butt Plug

If you would like something halfway between a silicone and a metal butt plug, then glass might be just the material for you. The smooth surface feels pleasant on insertion, while the material ensures good control and is easy to manoeuvre around. Glass and metal plugs can be used with silicone lube or oil for enhanced and longer-lasting lubricity compared with water-based lubes.

Recommendation: Sinful BumBum Glass Butt Plug Small

Anal Vibrators

Get even more out of your anal experience by adding vibrations into the mix. Anal vibrators allow you to achieve even greater pleasure and a more intense stimulation, no matter if you like different speeds or patterns.

Recommendation: Sinful Vibrating Anal Plug Medium

Anal Tunnel Plugs

Don’t like choosing? Then choose a tunnel plug. These are open-ended butt plugs which allow free passage for your fingers, other sex toys or even your partner’s penis. Enjoy the sensation of being on display and open for business when this plug is in place and the tunnel is open.

Recommendation: Perfect Fit Ass Tunnel Plug Large

Now you have all our insider knowledge, so your own knowledge of the different variants is rock solid. Let us move on to the best models on the market.

The Best Butt Plugs

Now we have reached the big finale! Hold the confetti as we present the best models on the market – both for beginners and those who are a little more experienced.

The best place to start

The optimal beginner’s experience and the best introduction to anal experimentation lies in this design. The tapered and slimline form makes it easy to insert, while the sturdy stopper ensures that the plug remains firmly in place. It is also easy to remove, so all you need to do is lean back and enjoy the experience.

Sofie 5 yellow stars

“This is the first time I try a butt plug and I am very pleasantly surprised. It was them to get up – with lube of course. Definitely a good buy for the price.”

Hand holding a black butt plug

A jewel in the rough

If you’re looking for something that is tough and tight, this butt plug weighs in at 330 grams and is sure to make its presence felt no matter if you are walking, standing or lying down.  With an insertable length of 8.2 cm and a diameter of 4 cm, it is an expansive experience for well-versed anal aficionados.

Anal Lover 5 yellow stars

“This one is absolutely amazing, I love it. Even though I was a beginner, with a little patience and lots of lube I could easily get it up. And wow, it just helped a lot. The size is really good, but the weight just increases the intensity.”

Hand holding a metal butt plug

Wild vibrations from behind

With a rounded form and a curved base, this vibrating silicone plug slides beautifully into place. Crack out the remote control, and either set the vibrations yourself or hand that power over to your partner.

Silverfox 5 yellow stars

”This is the first sex toy that I have either not thrown out or destroyed / broken. Perfect as a beginner anal adventurer as it is easy to introduce and clean. Only minus is that I think it makes a little too much noise 🙂 ”

Hand holding a black butt plug

One of each, please!

If you simply can’t wait to run the whole gamut, then start with this set which includes three different plugs each in a different size. Start with the smallest and work your way up through the ranks just as soon as you feel ready to move on.

S 5 yellow stars

“There was a pretty big difference between the small and medium size but this was also the first time I managed to use a plug in that size! (Medium that is) have not tested the big one yet but will definitely train more with these to be able to use the biggest one too! Nice and good material, very comfortable to wear and walk around with!”

Three black butt plugs in different sizes

Butt plugs vs. other anal toys

Last but not least, we present you with two bonus tips that will leave you even better prepared for your coming adventure into the world of anal stimulation.

There are, of course, other anal toys than butt plugs that can make you see a full starry sky of sheer enjoyment.

One of them is the anal dildo. Anal dildos have a different shape and size compared to butt plugs and provide more powerful stimulation as they reach farther in. What is more, you can move them back and forth to create the same penetrative sensation you get from a penis.

If you are on the market for your very first anal dildo, we recommend starting with something a bit smaller before venturing on to bigger diameters with detailed veins.

Others are the lesser known, but absolutely memorable, anal chains, anal beads and prostate stimulators, which can also help enrich your life as soon as you join the unofficial ‘Anal is Magic’ club.

Use an anal chain to redouble the power of your orgasms by pulling the chain out at the moment of climax. You can also use the beads to heighten stimulation during sex by pulling them gently outwards before then moving them back in.

Prostate massagers are designed to caress the male equivalent of the G-spot with a shape that leads them to just the right spot. They generally come with vibrations and a base that stimulates the perineum during use.

Now that you know all the best insider tips, all that is left is to reach for the lube, bend the knee and get ready to enjoy a whole new world of pleasure!