Advent Calendar for Men

What better way to countdown to Christmas than with an Advent calendar. Known from childhood, they’re full of tasty chocolates that mark each day leading up to Christmas morning. As we’ve gotten older, Advent calendars have luckily followed suit and are also available for adults. You may already have kept the Christmas tradition alive with different versions.

There are specialty chocolates for those who won’t quite let go of the sweet childhood memory. If you’re a fan of a certain movie or series, there’s an Advent calendar for that. And for those whose tastebuds taste oak and leather, there are whisky and wine calendars.

More recently, we’re also seeing a trend of using the Advent calendars as gifts for our significant other. It’s all in the spirit of the season of course: giving. It’s a simple way of showing our love for those we share our day-to-day lives with, and a fun way to mix up what may have become a long series of routines without the same spark there once was.

Whatever your reason is, spice up this holiday season and show your partner an especially good time by giving them an adult Advent calendar for men.

Take a minute to picture your partner – that special someone you’ve fallen for and whose bed you share. Now imagine placing an Advent calendar full of sexy surprises in front of him and what his reaction will be like as he opens each door every day. Whether you want to introduce sex toys into your relationship, or if you’ve already tried it before, we can help you find the right solution to sweeten up the season for giving.

Of course, it can be very difficult and time consuming to put together the perfect Advent calendar for men. Instead, why not try one of adult Advent calendars for him that’s ready to go. We have two versions: the Sinful Classic Advent Calendar and the Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar. Read on to find the one that suits your needs best and look forward to a Christmas you’ll both enjoy.

Celebrate the Season with a Naughty Advent Calendar for Him

You may be thinking that a naughty Advent calendar for men is something that only he will enjoy. But we believe pleasure is easily shared. Our Advent calendar for men is also for women who want to create erotic, playful moments and heighten intimacy with their partner. Turn December into a month full of surprises and exploration that the two of you are sure to enjoy long after Christmas is over. With our versions of the sex toy advent calendars for him, you’re both in for a holiday treat.

All you have to do is decide which is the best fit for you and your partner: a Sinful Classic Advent Calendar or a Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar? We’ll guide you to finding the right fit so you can enjoy a season that’s loaded with more naughty than nice.

But be quick, because our Advent calendars have sold out every year the past 5 years. Though this is the first year they are available to our UK customers, the adult Advent calendars for men and women have been selling out in record time in Scandinavia every year. They’ve become something of a holiday tradition in themselves, and as they’re only available in a limited number, you’ve got to act fast.

Let’s dive into the two options so you can get a better understanding of what they are. The two versions contain different products, and below you’ll find our recommendations for which one will suit you and your partner based on your experience. If you’re really curious, we’ll give you a little sneak peak of what products you can expect to open during the cold winter nights. But no one likes to ruin a surprise – and certainly not those as tantalising as what you’ll find in the adult Advent calendars for men. So you’ll only find a few examples – the rest is to you to discover with your partner!

The Two Options for Adult Advent Calendar for Him

Let’s not leave you in suspense any longer – here are our two versions of the adult Advent calendars for men.

Naughty Classic Advent Calendar 2021 for Him

Each year, our Classic Advent calendar is ripped off our warehouse shelves. Since its launch in the Nordics 5 years ago, it has become the bestselling erotic Advent calendar. This year, we’re happy to be able to offer it to our UK customers as well. Be quick and take advantage of free shipping with the purchase of an Advent calendar, and you’ll be all set to treat your lucky partner.

The Classic Advent Calendar is perfect for curious beginners and those new to the world of sex toys. It is full to the brim with naughty surprises for both of you: some you can use to tease him to the edge, others that he can use to tantalise your body with, and some that you can enjoy together. Either way, you’ll have all you need to create erotic and intimate moments together.

A selection of the sex toys you'll find in the Sinful Classic Advent Calendar 2021

The Classic Advent Calendar is a great way to introduce sex toys into the relationship or to try out a wide variety of stimulation for the both of you. We recommend purchasing a water-based lube – trust us, lube is always a welcome addition to the incredible adventures you’ll explore together!

What you and your partner will find behind the 24 doors in the Classic Advent Calendar is of course a surprise that will have to wait until December 1st. But we’re not heartless, so below is a break-down of the categories of the different sex toys. If your interest is peaked and wanting more, keep reading, as we’ll give you a little sneak peak at few sex toys you can start looking forward to using. The Classic Advent Calendar 2021 contains the following.

  • Sex toys: A whopping 16 different types of naughty sex toys.
  • Erotic accessories: 3 erotic accessories that will add a little spice to your not-so-nice bedroom fantasies.
  • Tools for beginner’s bondage: 5 products for gentle bondage, to make everything a little naughtier.

Spoiler alert, we’ll reveal a few selected items below, so keep scrolling if you want to leave all the sexy surprises for December!

Sinful Rechargeable Power Bullet A magical and multifunctional tool that can be used alone or in combination with other toys. It’s been designed to fit many different sleeves so you can explore limitless pleasure options. With 10 different vibration settings, you’re guaranteed a stimulating and unforgettable experience.

Sinful Mini Wand Vibrator Magic is in the air with this mini wand vibrator. Whether you’re looking for a powerful wand for a relaxing massage, or a toy to conjure up some amazing orgasms for your partner, you’re set. It’s great for clitoral stimulation as well as deep vibrations on many other parts of the body.

Sinful Sailor Butt Plug Explore the many options for anal stimulation with this fantastic butt plug. The anus is one of the body’s hubs of pleasure where the many nerve endings provide tantalising stimulation. This beginnger-friendly butt plug comes in a small size and is made of silky soft silicone, which makes it easy to use.

Five sex toys from Sinful Classic Advent Calendar 2021

Sinful Exotic Feather Tickler Activate all surface nerve endings of your lucky partner’s skin with the playful, exotic feathers. Get your partner to shiver with anticipation and lust by caressing their body in with tantalising and silky soft strokes.

Sinful Mini G-Spot Vibrator The G-spot can be the source of the deepest, most intense orgasms, but it can also be a bit tricky to find. With this great G-spot vibrator, the ergonomic design means the vibrator’s curved head is ideal for hitting the spot just right.

Sinful Couple Love Sleeve This is the perfect way to tease both the G-spot and clitoris during sex. The vibrating power bullet can be placed in the sleeve for an intense pleasure that stimulates you both.

All with a value of £270.

You’ll find vibrations, accessories and bondage gear galore! We hope these delicious treats will inspire some intimacy and lovin’ this holiday season, as we’ve stocked the adult Advent calendar for men and women with brand new products from our bestselling categories.

At Sinful, we’re proud to make the bestselling erotic Advent calendar of the Nordics, and this year, we’re uncontrollably excited to make it available to you as well! Each year, we like to challenge ourselves to keep improving our work and to continue to surprise and wow our customers. This year is no different. The Classic Advent Calendar contains a collection of products that are entirely new and sure to kick-off a holiday season of frisky playfulness that will go far into the new year.

Sexy Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021 for Men

The Deluxe Advent Calendar is for those who want a taste of the naughtiest sex toys from brands such as Obaie and Sinful, as well as new holiday treats from Mr. Membr and Amaysin.

The Deluxe version is ideal for couples who have experience with sex toys and who are looking for something to bring the heat this cold December month. The adult Advent calendar for men is loaded with high-quality sex toys that promise stronger vibrations, sexier accessories, and even more tempting bondage pieces to get tied up with.

A selection of the sex toys you'll find in the Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021

More specifically, you’ll find exciting new toys in the following categories:

  • 2 erotic accessories that make great side-kicks to any sensual sessions.
  • A whopping 16 sex toys, guaranteed to power up your playful, naughty fantasies.
  • Last but certainly not least, 6 kinky products for gentle bondage play.

Spoiler alert! For those itching to know more, we’ll reveal 6 of the tasty treats below.

Amaysin Limited Edition Wavy Vibrator Let waves of pleasure wash over your partner as you use this limited edition Amasin Wavy Vibrator. It’s specially designed to caress all the right places, and with the many vibration settings available, your partner is in for sensual, memorable experiences.

Obaie Blindfold Let all your partner’s senses be sharpened as you place the blindfold over your partner’s eyes. With every sense heightened, you can bring your partner to the brink of ecstacy with each touch. The blindfold has a silky soft lining and an adjustable strap to fit comfortably over your partner’s head.

Sinful Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Let this bullet vibrator be your trusted companion for the friskiest adventures in sight. With 10 different vibration settings at your touch, you can use it all over your body and find just the satisfaction you’re looking for.

Sinful Jewel Metal Butt Plug (Small) It’s sometimes easy to forget that the anus is made up of many sweet, sweet nerve endings and they are the gateway to so much pleasure. With this beautiful, sparkling butt plug, you can explore the possibilities for anal pleasure and turn your partner on with the sexy and elegant look.

Sinful Egg Sleeve Pop the bullet vibrator into this egg sleeve and slide it into the vagina. Once activated, whoever holds the remote control will be able to increase the intensity of the vibrations with a simple click of the button. Use it for exciting foreplay at the theatre or on a walk, or simply to change things up at home.

Sinful Teaser For Two Sleeve Insert the bullet vibrator into this sleeve to activate the buzzing ears of the teaser for optimal stimulation. Use all over the body and explore what gets you or your partner particularly excited. Especially the clitoris will thank you for paying a visit.

All with a total value of £430.

Sex toys from Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021

Introduce Sex Toys with an Adult Advent Calendar for Him

If you feel like your sex life has taken a turn to the monotonous, and if it feels hard to talk about sex toys with your partner, a naughty Advent calendar for him can help break the ice. A lot couples struggle to talk about sex with each other – even after many years of being together and in relationships full of love, respect and trust.

And it might sound too easy to say that a simple, naughty Advent calendar can help with something so personal, but in fact it’s the element of surprise that’s the very core of an Advent calendar that can be the key to breaking the ice. During the season of being with your loved one, you may establish a sort of routine for opening each door (assuming you don’t get carried away when you first receive the sex toy Advent calendar for him). As each door reveals a new surprise, you’ll feel your suspense peak together, and as you look closer at the daily treat, you and your partner have a chance to talk more about what’s in front of you.

This can in turn be the first step to a conversation about your wishes, preferences, fantasies and more – all within the comfort and feelings of safety with your partner. Talking about these topics will only bring you closer together and heighten your sexual adventures together. Remember that it is entirely up to you and your partner how and when you experience the daily surprises. You may wish to have something to look forward to every day – you may not even be able to keep your hands off each other! Or you may enjoy trying them out in batches and building the anticipation for the next adventurous experience.

No matter how your sensual season unfolds, you and your partner will be fully equipped for long-lasting playfulness and intimacy. The sex toy Advent calendar for him and you is bursting with durable, ergonomic, powerful and titillating toys to last you well into the new year. And if you discover a taste for something you want to explore more, we’re ready to help guide you.