Adult Advent Calendar for Women

Fill the 25 days of Christmas with playfulness, excitement and love to get a holiday season, you’ll never forget.

At Sinful, we love the Christmas season. It’s a fantastic time with gifts, surprises and being together with those we love. It’s a time full of traditions that we look forward to starting each year. One of the newest traditions with the most change over the past years is the Advent calendar.

Advent calendars have long been a fun and playful way to help the youngest members of the family manage the wait for Christmas morning. The daily delight of having a new surprise to look forward to is a great way of warming up to Christmas and getting into the holiday spirit.

Luckily, there’s plenty of holiday traditions to go around, and now there’s also an adult Advent calendar for ladies and their lucky partners for those cold winter nights. With its erotic content, the Advent calendar will fill your December with naughty surprises, pleasure and sex.

If you’re looking for a Christmas that’s filled with a bit more naughty than nice, stick around. We’ll introduce you to two different sex toy Advent calendars for women that are guaranteed to be a success.


Naughty Sex Toy Advent Calendar for Women

Do you want to give your partner a surprise that will make the wait for Christmas a little easier, but are you in doubt about what it should be? We can help you with the most satisfying countdown to enjoy every day of the holiday season to its fullest. We have two suggestions for naughty Advent calendars for the lady in your life.

At Sinful, we’ve developed and produced adult Advent calendars for five years. With their tantalising content, they’re guaranteed to spice up the coldest time of the year and turn it into the most steamy season.

We offer two naughty options: the Sinful Classic Advent Calendar and the Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar. The Classic is perfect for couples who have little or no experience with sex toys (but plenty of enthusiasm!). The Deluxe option is for couples who have already explored their sensual side, and who are ready for the next level.

Curious? Let’s take a closer look at the two options for a naughty Advent calendar for women. They only come in a limited number – how long do you dare wait?

Naughty Classic Advent Calendar for Her

In just a few short years, our Classic version has become a bestselling erotic Advent calendar for men and women across all of Scandinavia – and this year, we’re ready to ship it across the pond. Be quick though! In the past 5 years, it’s been sold out in record time long before the holiday season starts.

There’s no fun in ruining the surprise, so we won’t reveal all the delicious details of the naughty treats hiding behind the calendar doors. But in the spirit of giving, we’ll leave you with a sexy little teaser for what you can expect. With the Classic version, you can look forward to 24 hand-selected bestsellers with a value of £270. You’ll find both tantalising sex toys, erotic accessories for sensual seduction and gentle bondage products.

This version is a great fit for couples who have little to no experience with sex toys. We’ve hidden popular favourites behind each door of the adult Advent calendar for women and men. Each day will reveal a new toy for you to try out as you please. To help you along, you’ll find an inspiration booklet included with your erotic Advent calendar. It will guide you and your partner to get familiar with your daily surprise.

We’ve packed the Advent calendar with treats that inspire more playfulness and intimacy with your partner. You’ll be completely equipped to explore each other and experience fantastic orgasms. Combined with your natural curiousity and playfulness, you and your partner are in for an unforgettable Christmas.

A selection of the sex toys you'll find in the Sinful Classic Advent Calendar 2021

What’s Included in the Sinful Classic Advent Calendar?

As promised, we’ll give you a little teaser for what you can find in this year’s naughty Advent calendar for women. The doors of the sex toy Advent calendar hide 24 titillating treasures – some are for her, some for him, and the rest are for you both. You’ll reveal a total of 16 fantastic sex toys, 3 erotic accessories (perfect for the anticipation of amazing foreplay) and 5 gentle bondage pieces for adding a little kink to the season’s sexual adventures. All in all, it’s the ultimate erotically-charged adult Advent calendar for women and men.

Warning, spoiler alert below!

Some of the products you can look forward to playing with are:

Sinful Rechargeable Power Bullet This magical power bullet vibrator can be used alone or with other sex toys. It can be combined with many different sleeves, so the options for her pleasure are endless. With 10 different vibration patterns, she is guaranteed a stimulating and memorable experience!

Sinful Mini Wand Vibrator Magic is in the air with this mini wand vibrator. No matter whether your lovely partner is looking for an unforgettable orgasm or to enjoy a deep massage, she’s in for a treat. The wand is perfect for both clitoral stimulation and any other part of her beautiful body that’s in need of some deep vibrations.

Sinful Sailor Butt Plug With this fantastic butt plug, you have all you need to get started with amazing anal stimulation. The anus is one of the body’s secret treasures when it comes to pleasure – why not use it? The butt plug comes in a small, beginner-friendly size and features a smooth silicone surface that makes it easy to use.

Five sex toys from Sinful Classic Advent Calendar 2021

Sinful Exotic Feather Tickler Tease all your partner’s nerve endings to life with this playful and exotic feather. You’ll make your partner shake with lust and anticipation when you tickle her body with sensuous strokes.

Sinful Mini G-Spot Vibrator The G-spot offers some of the deepest and most intense orgasms, but it can be tricky to get there. This G-spot vibrator has an ergonomic design with a curved head that hits the spot just right. Look forward to G-spot orgasms galore!

Sinful Couple Love Sleeve This sleeve is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris during some horisontal dancing. Slip the thinner end into the vagina and enjoy the intense sensations it creates for both partners.

With vibrators, wands and gentle bondage gear hiding behind the 24 doors of the adult Advent calendar for women and men, you and your lucky partner are sure to find something to make the cold winter nights more cosy.

All with a value of £270.

Naughty Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021 for Women

Sinful’s Deluxe Advent Calendar is for couples who have already had some experience with sex toys. You may already have tried erotic Advent calendars, like our Classic Advent Calendar, and feel that your curiousity is peaked and ready for more. The Deluxe Advent Calendar is the next – and most luxurious – step for you!

In this sexy Advent calendar for her, you’ll find classic brands like Sinful and Obaie and also new, titillating acquaintances like Amaysin and naughty Mr. Membr.

We don’t want to reveal every single satisfactory sex toy you can expect – we’ll leave that up to you to discover with your partner. But a little sneak peak never hurt anyone, so let’s take a quick look at some of what you will unwrap.

The treats of the Advent calendar for her include 2 erotic accessories. Again, we won’t spoil the fun by revealing exactly what they are, but let’s just say they’ll add a little spice to your romp-capades. You’ll also find a whopping 16 naughty sex toys that are sure to fire up some playful fantasies and intimate times. Last but certainly not least, the Advent calendar contains 6 gentle bondage products, sure to leave you in a (delicious) bind.

A selection of the sex toys you'll find in the Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021


Sinful’s Deluxe Advent Calendar has a value of £430 and is stock full of high quality products. It’s the sex toy Advent calendar for women and men looking to explore and experiment with sexual playfulness.

Still curious to know more? Read on to find a few examples of the products you can find in the adult Advent calendar for women.

Amaysin Limited Edition Wavy Vibrator Women can look forward to endless pleasure with the limited edition Amaysin Wavy Vibrator. It’s been developed to caress her in all the right places, and with its many vibration settings, she’s in for an amazing round of sensual moments unlike any other.

Obaie Blindfold By covering your partner’s eyes with the blindfold, their other senses will be heightened. Slip the blindfold over their eyes and watch as every touch from you makes them tremble with pleasure and lust. The blindfold has a soft lining on the inside and an adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for the lucky wearer.

Sinful Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator Woman, meet your new pleasure co-pilot. With 10 different vibration settings, you can take this trusty companion on a trip all over your body – use it by itself or combine it with other sex toys to amplify the stimulation.

Sinful Jewel Metal Butt Plug (Small) The anus is one of the most sensitive areas on the body and the source of so much delicious pleasure. This beautiful butt plug has an elegant expression and is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate users.

Sinful Egg Sleeve Talk about a power couple! Combine this lovely egg sleeve with your new bullet vibrator for powerful vibrations that can be controlled remotely. Leave the remote control in the hands of your partner and let your combined imaginations take over.

Sinful Teaser For Two Sleeve Insert the bullet vibrator into the teaser sleeve to activate the buzzing ears for optimal stimulation. It is suitable to use all over the body – explore what gets you or your partner particularly excited. Hint, the clitoris will thank you for paying a visit.

All with a value of £430.

Sex toys from Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar 2021

Why You Should Buy an Erotic Advent Calendar for Her

With an erotic Advent calendar for her, you’ll both be getting a win! Each day you will have a chance to open a door for a new tasty treat to try out. Some of the products are specifically for her, some for him and some are toys that are best shared.

In other words, your partner is guaranteed a sensational surprise every day that she will no doubt be very grateful for – both in December and the following months. If you choose a naughty Advent calendar for her, you’ll both be set with the equipment you need to keep warm in the cold months of the new year.

Giving an adult Advent calendar to her is also a sure way to begin exploring each other in new and exciting ways. The sex toys included in the Advent calendar are a perfect starting place for you to open up about fantasies and preferences. Talking about these things leads to greater intimacy in your relationship – and wouldn’t want that? It’s a win-win!

So the question is, are you ready to fill your December with loads of surprises, pleasure and sex? If the answer is yes, get started this Christmas season with either one of our adult Advent calendars for women and men.

If you buy a Sinful Classic Advent Calender or a Sinful Deluxe Advent Calendar for your partner, you’re entering a holiday season packed with erotic accessories and gentle bondage products that will bring you closer together.

If you’re in doubt about whether you will be able to use all the included products, don’t worry. A handy inspiration booklet is packed with your adult Advent calendar for her, and will help guide you. The booklet also includes handy tips for how or where to use the product best. There’s no excuse for not spoiling your lucky partner with this year’s Advent calendar for women.

Where are Advent Calendars From?

The Christmas season is full of traditions that go back many generations in the family, and some even go back many hundreds of years. Compared to this, the Advent calendar tradition is relatively new. It only stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century, where countdowns in chalk, written verses, or with simple drawings were used to mark each day leading up to Christmas. Originally, it was entirely centered around the children, but as we know, this has changed dramatically since the first Advent calendars.

In recent years, Advent calendars have been produced in many forms. Most popular are perhaps the chocolate calendars that hide sweets behind each door. Luckily, there’s also been a move to include more age groups in the fun and exciting countdown tradition. Advent calendars marketed at adults have become increasingly common. For those with a sweet tooth, recent years have seen the adult Advent calendar market grow drastically with the “treats” moving into finer, specialty sweets. The look and feel of the calendars have also grown up: they feature more mature designs, all while staying in the holiday spirit.

Since catering to the adult population, Advent calendars have experienced a rapid development in the types that hit the market. The specialty sweets continue to sweep across all types of candies: luxury chocolates followed by licorice, caramels, and even popcorn! Within beauty, adult Advent calendars for ladies has exploded. You can find calendars with all types of beauty products – from nail polish to skin care and perfumes. Books, movies, specific hobbies: check! And for the drinks that only adults can enjoy, there’s something for every taste. Wine, whisky and gin – you name it, it’s in an Advent calendar for adults.

Whatever your taste may be, the selection of Advent calendars have one thing in common: they’re about enjoying the holiday season and bringing us closer to each other. As the weather grows colder and the days shorter, we’re drawn to the warmth and light – literally as well as figuratively. We seek out cosiness and look for ways to share it with those closest to us, especially our partners.

The endorphins released when we are intimate brighten the season. Our sex toy Advent calendar for her can help you bring some light and love into the holiday season and strenghten your intimacy through playful exploration of each other. In the end, that will last long past December 25th and well into the new year!

We hope you’ve been inspired to explore the intimacy and playfulness that await you and your partner with an adult Advent calendar for women.

If you’re looking for a Christmas that’s filled with a bit more naughty than nice, stick around. We’ll introduce you to two different sex toy Advent calendars for women that are guaranteed to be a success.