Author: Ditte Jensen


Sex Toys for Your Vagina

Most women get their orgasms by stimulating their clitoris. Thousands of sensitive nerve endings are tucked away in this little pearl, and they explode with pleasure when an orgasm hits. But there are also many options for mind-blowing pleasure when you explore your vagina. Read…

10 Benefits of Masturbating

There are so many perks of masturbating that you just have to wonder why we spent so much time restraining and restricting self-love. Imagine what the world would look like if previous generations had been a little less bottled up and a lot more popping…

Womanizer – The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard the whispers at the office or the colourful stories from your friends about a fantastic little marvel that delivers orgasm after orgasm after orgasm? Then you’ve already heard about the Womanizer! Woman-what-now? No, no, not that early 2000s hit from Britney Spears,…

Clitoris on the Mind

FINALLY researchers have discovered which part of the brain is linked to the ultimate pleasure mecca: the clitoris. And yes, this kind of news has been such a long-time coming that it deserves our dramatic, capitalised exclamation. Because it’s been a whopping sixteen years since…
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